San Francisco aspiring camper Grace Aquino and her husband Marlon recently converted the 2017 Ram Promaster low-roof cargo van into a great travel camper. Moreover, due to budget constraints, they equipped the camper with IKEA products. The self-made camper, called Flippie, boasts all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay on the road and in nature. See more at rv furniture center

The couple decided to purchase a used 2017 Ram Promaster mainly due to the generously sized 5.6 sq. meter and glass side window. At first, they wanted to hire professionals to convert the van into a camper, but it turned out to be too expensive for them. Then Marlon remembered his past experience of self-assembly several cabinets from IKEA, and they decided to use inexpensive and easy-to-assemble products from this mass market to equip their camper van.

Home Depot styrofoam and foil sheets were used to insulate the bare walls of the van, and sports mats were purchased from Walmart to cover the floor. In the next step, the couple sheathed the interior walls with IKEA Skadis perforated panels, reinforcing them on top of the existing horizontal timber panels.

Next, the newly minted designers identified the basic furnishings necessary for a long and comfortable stay in the van. In addition to the traditional bed and kitchen furniture, they decided to include a desk, cabinets and drawers in the furnishings.

They placed a double bed behind the cabin, directly at the large side window. They installed a kitchen unit at the rear of the camper, allowing them to create additional space for their home office and provide easy access for outdoor dining.

The couple also purchased and installed a Nemo Helio portable camping shower, a wall cabinet above the bed, a Sunnersta kitchenette, and interior screens that separate the cabin from the bedroom. For use during the day, the double bed folds into a sofa, and a sliding side door opens the way from the camper to the street.

According to Marlon and Grace, they chose furniture from IKEA, made mostly of metal and plastic, given the constant vibration while the vehicle was moving. So, the total cost of furnishings and finishing materials from IKEA was $ 992.84.

However, the couple had to buy additional essentials that turned out to be necessary for travel and long-term stays in the camper - a compact refrigerator, an external mini-power station and a sofa ottoman with a built-in drawer. And the couple continues to work on perfecting their camper van.

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